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Pre-Order Terms

Please take the opportunity and the time to read through our pre-order terms and conditions, if there is anything you are unsure off please email and ask.

Pre-Order Terms

Pre-orders require us to commit to production with our manufacturers that is non-cancellable. If you place a pre-order, a minimum deposit of total guide price required is non-refundable, should you choose to cancel. If you have paid in full then you will be refunded less 15% of the total. if you cancel within 14 days of placing an order then you will recieve a full refund.

Estimated time of arrival [ETA] can vary and are not a guaranteed arrival date. We list the date prior to production, but delays can and at times do happen. We cannot cancel your pre-order, even if delays are substantial, so please take this into account when ordering. We regularly update the product listing with the latest ETA. Keep an eye on the listings after you order to see when your product is due to arrive.

If you have pre-odered an items with deposit only your remaining balance must be settled in full within 30 days of the product coming into stock. Failure to settle within this time may mean you lose your deposit.

If you fail to maintain regular payments during an installment agreement, after the second missed payment you order will be cancelled you will be refunded less the first payment (deposit) you made.

Prices quoted can be subject to change as items are only invoiced by our suppliers when they ship to us. We do everything we can to give you an accurate buy price, but pre-orders that are far away can vary in price if exchange rate varies from now until then.

Please note, postage fees can also vary depending on the size of the product, type of shipping and number of boxes required. We suggest you pre-order each item individually so that each pre-order's postage is paid separately and can ship as it comes into stock.

Why should I pre-order?

Many items are produced in limited quantities based on the number of pre-orders we receive so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Our items tend to sell out fast

What’s happens when I pre-order?

When we receive your Pre-Order, your order is added to our production list. We then place your order with our factory who then ensure that the item is added to the total production. This means we are liable for the order from that point which is why we charge you a deposit to show your commitment on purchasing the item.

Why are some pre-order ship dates so far away?

We have to book production time with the factories we use and we always try to advertise our products in sufficient time so that all payments are complete by the time production is complete. This ensures that you get your product as soon as production has finished and the items are received by use. The manufacturing process takes considerable time as all our items are hand made and painted.

What if I change my mind and want to cancel?

Should you wish to cancel your Pre-Order you can, but please bear in mind you will lose the deposit you paid. You have the right to cancel your order with 14 days and receive a full refund. After 14 If you have paid in full then you will be refunded less 15% of the total order value (As per the pre-order terms and comditions) due to the fact that the item will be put into production and we will have committed to pay for that item.

Is the price you list the final price I will pay?

Most of the time the guide price is correct but as we pay our factories in USD the price can vary due to exchange rate variance. Sometimes that can work in your favour and sometimes against. When the item is ready to ship we will inform you of any price changes.

Are pre-orders guaranteed to arrive?

As we produce all our own products we can guarantee that the item will be released. We have maintained a good track record with our release dates. However, sometimes the factory can run into production and occasionally items are delayed temporarily.

What happens when my pre-order comes into stock?

When your item comes into stock you will be notified and should you have entered into an installment plan, you can continue to pay as normal and once your installment plan is complete your item will be dispatched to you.

Can I pay off my pre-order in staged payments rather than one big sum?

Yes! We offer payment plans through which allows you to spread payment over several months, you can select this method during checkout. please view our payment methods for more information.